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The best solution for your project

Project Phases & Stages are tailored for the most efficient & effective solution.


    • Orbit Solutions provides an industry leading process called an Align View Photomontage(s) which is used to provide a true and accurate impact analysis of a proposed development within an existing environment.  The Align View process involves the services of an external Surveyor and experienced Photographer to provide independent and un-biased information. This independently generated information is amalgamated with the 3D computer model generated by Orbit Solutions to position the proposed development into the current surrounding context.
    •  The use of independent information not only adds to the merit of our Align View documentation but it also acts as a cross check of the proposed development as two independent channels of information need to produce a single outcome.
    •  The end product that Orbit Solutions delivers to the client is a PDF document that illustrates the existing and proposed scenarios along with a site plan map illustrating the camera positions and angles. A statement of evidence is also supplied as part of the documentation.
    • The complete package fully complies with VCATs requirements, the Austcorp Practice Note is a case that was derived from evidence prepared by Mr Chris Goss in 2006.


    • CONTEXT assessment  Our approach is responsive to both the physical environment and the strategic context and is informed by existing and emerging guidance to ensure consistency with current standards and procedures. The location; identification of the physical, social, cultural and policies that have a bearing on the VIA. The local context; best practice is to identify visual character zones and subsequently identify Visual Character Units to determine the range of viewing effects that may result in any change caused by the proposal to these views. Visual Character Zones; Identification and assessment of key elements that influence the character of areas of influence in the analysis. Proposal Site; identification of the proposal site in the context of visual catchment area.
    • VISUAL IMPACT assessment and visualisation  Orbit’s site analysis and field surveys are supplemented by digital media mapping and presentation techniques for rigorously appraising existing and proposed scenarios. Orbit’s expert witness Chris Goss works closely with our in-house graphics specialists to prepare high-quality visualisations, including zone of theoretical visibility plans, 3D visualisations and AlignView photomontages.The Visual Impact assessment seeks to determine the potential visual impact of the development of the proposed dwelling and related landscaping and access way in terms of the visual effect of the development in the context of high sensitivity viewers in locations around the subject area. The visual impact of a development is usually determined by considering the combined result of visual effects and visual sensitivity to determine visual impact.
    • VISUAL IMPACT APPLICATION  The visual impact of the development is determined by considering the combined result of visual effects and visual sensitivity to determine visual impact.
    • RESPONSE TO DECISION  A response to the grounds, to Desired Future Character and/or other related matters can be considered.


    • In addition to the preparation of evidence documents, Orbit also provides an appearance service where the experienced witness, Mr. Chris Goss [B.Env.Des., B.Architecture, ARBV, VPELA Fellow] can present the visual amenity evidence that supports the Align View Photomontage impact analysis document.  This process has been used many times by our clients to yield successful results at VCAT and Council hearings.

Please do not hesitate to contact Orbit Solutions should you require further information.